Covid-19 Related Supplies

As schools, universities, and public spaces begin reopening,  Florida Buy Cooperative State Purchasing has created a spreadsheet with items, pricing, and contact information for vendors offering Covid-19 related supplies ranging from facemasks to disinfectants.   Click on the link below to find hundreds of items you may need to keep your workplace and public spaces safe and secure.   Don’t forget to ask for the Florida Buy (AEPA) discounts on the products you purchase.

Best Plumbing PPE List
Capitol Electronics Infection Control
Capitol Electronics Temperature and Face Mask Scanner Datasheet
Hillyard PPE List
Midwest PPE List
Partac Peat PPE List
School Health PPE List
School Outfitters PPE List
School Specialty PPE List
Quill Air Purifier Flyer
Quill PPE Flyer