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Carrier is a multi-billion-dollar corporation engaged in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning products in all 50 states and throughout the world.  Carrier has access to 84 manufacturing facilities worldwide and the support of nearly 56,000 employees operating in more than 170 countries on six continents.  Carrier is a world leader in the manufacturing of HVAC equipment and is a founder of the industry.  July 17, 2021 marks the 119th anniversary of Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning.  Since 1902, Carrier has made a profound impact around the world by improving indoor air quality in the spaces where we live and work.  Carrier’s worldwide operations include manufacturing equipment ranging from 0.5 to 5,000 tons, with factory service and controls.  We place a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, the environment, and safety.  We focus on both first costs and life cycle costs to provide maximum customer value.  Carrier’s research and development provides leading edge advancements in engineering technologies that we incorporate into our products to create value for our customers and achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Where there are other firms that offer products and services in our industry, there are few others that offer the same solution set consisting of the global scope, range of products, and engineering designs that Carrier offers.

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30 South Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Brian Dwyer
Strategic Account Manager
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James Spillane
Managing Director of Light Commercial
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Eric Pitzer
Factory Sales Representative (Alabama & Florida)
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Contract Information

Cooperative Name

Florida Buy State Cooperative Purchasing

Contract Name

HVAC & Mechanical Products and Solutions

Contract Number


Lead Agency

Washington County Florida School District

Contract Term

07/13/2021 - 05/31/2022

Extension Details

AEPA Bid #021.75 was recommended for approval in June 2021. Contract and extensions possible through February 2025.