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WCSD PAEC Florida Buy #22-02

Washington County School District, fiscal agent for PAEC Florida Buy State Cooperative Purchasing is seeking to receive the following proposal:  RFP 22-02 Disaster Recovery and Remediation Services/Debris Monitoring, to establish contracts for schools and other public and non-profit entities in Florida.  (Released: June 9, 2022, Last Day for Questions: June 23, 2022, RFP Deadline: June 30, 2022, by 12:00 pm Central Time.)

Disaster Recovery/Debris Monitoring RFP

Q: The federal government is now using a Unique Entity ID number in place of the DUNS number.  Would you like the new Unique Entity ID number instead of the DUNS?
A: Yes

Q: Section 12 Price Sheet is titled Debris Monitoring on the Attachment List.  On page 26, C, it is requested that we fill out 5a and 5b. Do we provide this same sheet for the Disaster Recovery Labor Rates and add the relevant labor titles and rates for Disaster Recovery, such as the Environmental professionals and technicians?
A: Yes

Q: Can you please extend the proposal due date so that our team can address the responses to the questions?
A: No, the due date will remain June 30, 2022 at 12pm Central Time.

Q: Do any of the sections of the proposal have a page limit?
A: No, there are no page limits.

Q: Are products and equipment only provided on the additional spreadsheet with our pricing?
A: Feel free to provide any additional information you feel will assist us in evaluating your proposal.

Q: Can you please provide the Davis Bacon rates for the areas for the RFP 22-02 Disaster Recovery and Remediation Services?
A: Please find the link to a representative sample of the counties that are served by our Risk Management services.  These rates are subject to change.