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RFP 21-04 Marching Band and Musical Instruments and Related Equipment
Due Wednesday November 4, 2020 4:00 PM CT.

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Q: We’re considering submitting a proposal for RFP 21-04, and we noticed on page 14 of the proposal request (section X: Proprietary Information/Public Disclosure) that the proposal documents from a previously-awarded contract are public record.  The contract currently in effect is RFP 17-04, between PAEC and Playground Music; how quickly can you get us copies (pdf or other digital format) of all proposal documents for that contract?

A: The files have been uploaded and can be found on the vendor location under “Procurement Documentation” “RFP Documents”

Q: There are a couple of references in the RFP to “compatibility with the Florida Buy Marketplace for online purchasing” (page 5) and having a catalog “compatible with or adaptable to the PAEC Florida Buy e-commerce/online shopping platform to enable buyers to browse and purchase products via the Florida Buy Marketplace” (page 9).  Am I understanding correctly, then, that a store being either a) already set up for e-commerce, or b) able to get set up for e-commerce within the prescribed 30-day rollout period, is an absolute requirement in order to be a viable candidate for this RFP award?

A: Our online marketplace was set in place to help meet the requirement of FS 1010.04(1)(b) requiring Florida schools to utilize contracts established through the Department of Management Services or through “Cooperative State purchasing programs managed through regional consortium service organizations.

It is not an absolute requirement but an option to better serve our school districts. If awarded, and you desire to participate in the marketplace we would work with you and our third-party e-commerce provider EqualLevel.


Thanks for being so prompt with all of your replies!  I have another question, in regard to payment.  We place orders for schools all the time based on PO’s—often even without them—but we can do that in the security of over three decades of positive relationship with our area school districts, so that there’s no real worry about our being paid.  With the prospect of selling to schools throughout the state via the Florida Buy program—schools with whom we have no established relationship, no prior ties of mutual interest—a new concern opens up regarding how to ensure prompt payment.  Will all purchases made through the Florida Buy program (whether online or by some other means) necessarily be prepaid, or will the purchasing entity have the option of using a purchase order instead, which would leave us open to delayed payment?

Any details you’re able to provide about the ordering and payment process through Florida Buy would be greatly appreciated.

A: Payments through the Florida Buy marketplace are with a credit card or “P” card setup between the vendor and the school district. The vendor will establish an account with the district, so the sale and payment contact will be between the two parties. Many of the districts may be ordering high quantities so going through the marketplace may not be the best option. They usually will ask for a quote and establish a purchase order for the purchase. Florida Buy does not handle any payments between the vendor and the district.

RFP 21-02 LED Lighting and Energy Efficiency Solutions awarded to: