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Light emitting diodes (LED) are the light engines that deliver illumination, however, there are many components that make up a good reliable lighting source and diodes are just one. It’s easy to see the initial benefits of LED lighting over it’s inefficient legacy counterparts. LED lighting is the most energy efficient lighting system on the market today but unfortunately not all LED products are built to last or even deliver noticeable energy savings making investing in a new LED lighting upgrade a risky prospect.

The good news is that here at vootu, we design and engineer all of our LED products to the highest standard of performance, reliability and efficiency. We have built an enviable reputation of reliable LED lighting solutions, always meeting but often exceeding our clients expectations. Here are a few benefits of a vootu LED lighting upgrade:

  • 50-85% reduction in Energy Consumption
  • > 10 years maintenance free operation
  • Lower cooling costs due to LED efficiencies in converting energy to visible light
  • Easily controlled via dimming technology
  • Retrofit to every lighting fixture
  • Higher color render index than traditional lighting products

Working with vootu and our authorized LED consultants guarantees a successful retrofit solution with industry best commercial grade products with proven reliability and performance. Why take a risk when vootu has engineered a risk free way to transition into today’s high performance LED lighting.

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Florida Buy State Cooperative Purchasing

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LED Lighting and Energy Efficiency Solutions

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Washington County Florida School District

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10/19/2020 - 10/31/2024

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RFP 21-02 – RFP recommended for approval October 12, 2020 Contract and extensions possible for 3 years with the option to renew for two additional 12-month terms.